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Application of phosphate in the food industry

Phosphorus is an important mineral element necessary for the human body. The main source of phosphorus intake by the human body is natural food or food phosphate additives. Phosphate is one of the natural components of almost all foods. Because phosphate can improve or impart a series of excellent properties to food, it has been used in food processing more than a hundred years ago, and it has been used in large quantities after the 1970s. Phosphate is one of the most widely used food additives with a large amount. As an important food ingredient and functional additive, it is widely used in meat products, poultry products, seafood, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, bakery products, beverages, etc. During the processing of potato products, seasonings, convenience foods, etc. The phosphates used in food processing are usually sodium, calcium, potassium, and iron and zinc salts as nutrient fortifiers. There are more than 30 varieties of commonly used food-grade phosphates. Sodium phosphate is a Chinese food. The main consumption types of phosphate, with the development of food processing technology, the consumption of potassium phosphate is also increasing year by year.

In order to give full play to the synergistic effect of various phosphates and phosphates and other additives, and to meet the development needs of food processing technology, various compound phosphates are often used as food ingredients and functional additives in practical applications. The research and development of formulated phosphate has increasingly become the development direction of the development and application of phosphate food additives.