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If these 3 common minerals are lacking, the body will suffer from constant problems!

Generally speaking, the minerals that the body often needs to supplement are: calcium, zinc and iron. Don't underestimate those minerals. If some elements are missing, the body will suffer from some diseases.
When the body lacks calcium, the diseases caused by:
Babies will experience irritability, hyperhidrosis, anorexia, etc., young people will experience fatigue, hyperhidrosis, allergies, cramps, etc., middle-aged and elderly people will experience diseases such as Alzheimer's, hypertension, diabetes, and pregnant women. Pregnancy-induced hypertension, edema, cramps, etc.
The diseases caused by zinc deficiency in the body include:
If the body lacks zinc, there will be anorexia, partial eclipse, malnutrition, and easy aging.
When the body lacks iron, the diseases caused by:
When children’s bodies are lacking in iron, there will be problems such as inattention, lack of concentration, and decreased immunity. Adults will experience problems such as lack of energy, fatigue, and dullness.
Why does the body lack minerals?
1. The elements in each region are different and uneven. In some places, iodine deficiency will cause thyroid disease, and in some places, excessive fluorine will cause fluorosis and other diseases, because in order to make everyone’s body To be healthy, the elements that need to go to every place are balanced.
2. In the past, many industrial waste gas were discharged randomly, which made the distribution of elements in various places uneven, and there may be cases of mercury poisoning and cadmium poisoning.
3. Due to the continuous development of the economy. Many agriculture now uses a large amount of chemical fertilizers, and no longer use their own fertilizers, which will make the trace elements in the fields unable to be replenished in time, and some trace elements are also constantly decreasing.
If these 3 common minerals are lacking, the body will suffer from constant problems!
4. As the trace elements in cultivated land are continuously decreasing, the trace elements in agricultural products are also continuously decreasing.
5. In the process of food processing, many trace elements will be lost.
6. Sometimes during the cooking process, some trace elements are lost due to incorrect practices. For example, after vegetables are boiled in water, iron will be reduced, and if tomatoes are canned, zinc will be reduced.
7. Some people like picky eaters very much. When they encounter foods they don't like, they choose no. In fact, this approach is wrong. Picky eaters will make the trace elements in the body imbalance.

8. Sometimes, unreasonable and unscientific drinking water can also cause the trace elements in the human body to be out of balance. The water in the human body contains 70%. The best way to soluble elements is to drink water, but because of the reduction of water pollution caused to the human body Harm, it is necessary to purify the water, but in the purification process, some beneficial elements will be lost.