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Purpose of Specialty Phosphates

Specialty Phosphates are generally used in cleaners as water softeners, but phosphate cleaners are regulated in some areas because algae boom-bust cycles can affect phosphate emissions in the watershed.

In agriculture, Specialty Phosphates are one of the three main nutrients for plants and are the main components of fertilizers. Generally, it is chemically processed into lime superphosphate, double superphosphate or ammonium dihydrogen phosphate, which are higher in concentration than phosphate and more soluble in water, so plants can absorb them faster.

Phosphate is one of the natural components of almost all foods, and is widely used in food processing as an important food ingredient and functional additive. This article discusses the properties and application areas of phosphates as food additives.

Phosphates can be divided into orthophosphates and condensed phosphates: phosphates used in food processing are usually sodium salts, calcium salts, potassium salts, and iron and zinc salts as nutritional fortifiers. There are more than 30 varieties,

Sodium phosphate is the main consumption type of phosphate in domestic food. With the development of food processing technology, the consumption of potassium phosphate is also increasing year by year.