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  • DICALCIUM Phosphat's safety is packed in an internal lining polyethylene plastic bag, a jacket sack or a woven bag, and each bag is 25kg or 50kg.


  • Compound phosphate has a certain role, mainly used as a food additive, which can increase the smoothness of noodles


  • Sodium Metaphosphate is commonly used as a leavening acid for bakery leavening agents, and reacts with bicarbonate to provide the carbon dioxide gas needed for the bakery process. Different phosphates have different dough reaction rates (RORs), and phosphates can be reasonably selected according to the expected baking effect (bulk volume, pore structure, taste).


  • Specialty Phosphates are generally used in cleaners as water softeners, but phosphate cleaners are regulated in some areas because algae boom-bust cycles can affect phosphate emissions in the watershed.


  • Phosphate is a widely used food additive in the food industry. In addition to its application in food, it is also used in agriculture and chemical industries. The function and use of phosphate are explained in detail below.


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