Specialty Phosphates

Reephos Specialty Phosphates Includes: Calcium Metaphospahte, Magnesium Metaphosphate, Aluminium Metaphosphate   Potassium Metaphosphate, Zinc Metaphospahte , Ammonium Metaphosphate, Copper Metaphosphate etc. , which are mainly used for the Speical Industrial applications :Optical glasses, Electronics.

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  • Sodium Metaphosphate, Insoluble, occurs as a white, crystalline powder. It is a high-molecular-weight sodium polyphosphate composed of two long metaphosphate chains (NaPO3) that spiral in opposite directions about a common axis. The Na2O/P2O5 ratio is about 1.0. It is practically insoluble in water but dissolves in mineral acids and in solutions of potassium and ammonium (but not sodium) chlorides. The pH of a 1:3 slurry in water is about 6.5.

  • Ammonium Metaphosphate is white powder or granular, odourless, tasteless, insoluble in water.

  • Calcium Metaphosphate is white crystal, insoluble in water, hardly soluble in citric acid solution.

  • Aluminium Dihydrogen Phosphate is white powder, easily soluble in water. Curing at room temperature. It has high temperature resistance, vibration resistance, spalling resistance capacity. With good red line absorption capacity and insulation.

  • Boron Phosphate crystallizes in tetragon. Slightly soluble in water, hydrolyzing in water. Solution is strong acidity, slightly hygroscopic.

  • Zinc Phosphate is white crystal or crystal powder, be with corrosive and deliquescence. Soluble in inorganic acid and ammonium hydroxide, insoluble in alcohol. Hardly soluble in water.

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